Friday, June 19, 2009


So, Hana's surgery was a HUGE success. She has been sick twice with common colds and has fought both with ease. Pre-surgery, any cold would turn ugly after a week or so and she would end up on meds. So now I have almost 3 year old Ty who will have the surgery next week. Much like Hana his tonsils are HUGE and he is suffering worse in the sleep department - he can't breathe thru his nose at night and sounds like he has cotton balls in his mouth. He also has a hard time even falling asleep! We are looking forward to a future of good health and I will be praying that Ty heals faster and isn't difficult. It was a hard recovery for Hana who could rationalize my statements of "take these meds, drink this water or we will go to the hospital and you will need to get an IV in your arm" - Ty? I am not so sure he will buy into my adult logic. We shall see...

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