Friday, June 26, 2009


Ty's surgery to remove his tonsils & adenoids was at 5PM on June 25th, 2009. We sort of followed our own guidelines about food/drink pre-surgery (so follow your Dr's suggestions, not mine). Ty's had a fruit stick, soy milk at 7am when he woke, smoothie at 8am and then his last meal was a huge egg, cheese & potatoe burrito at 10AM (we were suppose to stop all solids at 8AM) but my son metabolizes things much faster... and then he had only apple juice from about Noon til 440 when he went into to surgery to be anesthatized. We only gave him a short 30 minute nap which he took on the way to the hospital at 2PM (perfect recharge but not a full nap!). He woke from anestesica at 540, was giving Tylenol with Coedine and we were discharged at 820 after he drank 240ml of fluids which we gave him thru a 2tsp suringe (ONLY way he would take it). He did wake hysterical from anesth. and then was comforted by me and remained in my lap until discharged. He talked when prompted and waived hi to the children in the hospital. He was mellow and calm much to my surprise. I have seen some nasty 3 year olds in recovery when Hana was there (screaming, trying to take out IVs etc). He always hates things on his wrist so I was dreading how he would react to the IV when he woke (no reaction!). Ty passed out on the way home and then we woke him up before putting him in his crib for this 2nd dose of Tylenol with Coedine (1tsp for his 34 pound weight). He only woke once at 120 or was it 420??? and at that time I gave him 2 Tylenol 20g suppositories even tho he didn't seem in pain b/c he fell back asleep right away. He didn't even snore! Just a few whistling sounds and some sleepy dream noises. I am the one that slept terrible b/c I was holding him so much, my back and neck was spasming in the night.

The hospital was great!!!! They gave him all sorts of small toys to distract him, offered me snacks and gatoraid.

I actually ended up liking having the last surgery of the day. Recovery room is nearly empty, and Ty got to right to bed on way home versus having a drugged slumber and rest all day and then not sleeping well at night. I am in favor of late afternoon surgery in this case.
Tips: Bring a light stroller that you can push while you hold your son (ew that hurts!). Don't take other children with you that would hinder you giving your child 100% of your attention. Bring a change of clothes, ear plugs, mask, toothbrush, pillow etc in the car for you in case you end up spending the night (this could happen if your child refuses fluids or if there are any other complications). If they refused to drink, try different methods, straw, spoon, your own special sippy cup or a suringe (which worked for us).

DAY 1 of recovery (the day after surgery) "PACI BOY"

Ty woke up @ 8AM out of it and wanting to be stuck to me. 100 degree temp and would not drink...Tylenol suppository (2) at 8:30AM (not b/c of obvious pain, but b/c he refused liquids so I am assuming he is feeling something). No liquids and out of it most of the morning.
11:45AM 2 Tylenol Suppositories & then things got good...
Afternoon Report: WOW! Very different than my 4.75 daughter Hana! Ty ate a chocolate pudding, drank tons of water and by 3PM he had eaten cheetos, chips and a 1/4 thick turkey sandwhich.
Ty passed out at 415 PM for what we thought was for the night. He woke at 615PM, we gave him TySupp. and then stayed awake happy & mellow until bed time at 10PM.

Night Report: Ty only woke once at 220AM for what seemed like throat pain. I gave him another TySupp & he went right back to sleep.

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